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Play consciously to make the world a better place!

Success in business, as well as in the game, depends on the activity and decisions that you make. Any doubts? Get ready for a new SubW3rsum experience! Send your consciousness further than to the moon.

  • Environmental

    This criterion determines compliance with environmental laws. The game world is arranged in such a way that the prosperity of nature depends on the success of your enterprise.

  • Social

    When you care about the safety and working conditions of workers, you have more opportunities for business development.

  • Governance

    An effective management strategy affects the state of your crypto wallet and enriches the planet with resources. Strengthen your market position!

SUBVERSUM is a Web3-based eco-social simulation game inspired by ESG principles (Environmental, Social, Governance) .

Become owners of NFT Lots and start earning to increase the level of the game and develop your business.

With every step you take in the parallel world, where all processes are reversed, you choose economic strategies and bring improvements to real life — for yourself, society and nature.

Our Team Members

We are an international decentralized team of digital nomads. The core of the company with the headquarters of the project in Ireland are IT specialists from Israel, Spain, Kazakhstan, Australia, Russia, Syria, Portugal and other countries.

  • Eugenii Unegovskii

    Co-Founder & CTO

  • Felix Agarero

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Bashar Salha

    Creative Director

  • Lana Gray

    Chief Administrative Officer

  • Atsu Yoshi

    Chief Security Officer

  • Chris Greenfield

    Chief Information Officer

  • Agat Kasi

    Lead Designer

  • Aleksandr Poplavsky

    2D Artist

  • Anna Bortnovskaya

    Concept Artist

  • Michelle Moreira

    Game Designer

  • Giorno Jiovanni

    Senior Sound Designer

  • Karlos Hernandez

    Senior Blockchain Developer

  • Hun Pashal

    Backend Developer

  • Tommy Flex

    Senior Unity Developer

Our Advisors

  • Adel Saflou

    International Marketing

  • Dmitriy Pokidov

    Senior Product Manager