What is Subversum?

SUBVERSUM is a Web3-based eco-social simulation game inspired by ESG principles. Users who become owners of NFT Lots can start earning from their “small business” on various goods and services that can be used to increase the level and development of this very business.

Players interact socially with the Game World, which they themselves form by building business relationships with each other ... But we must remember that any Action has its Consequences.

Our Vision

Subversum is a multifaceted project that uses the technologies of a fitness application, P2E strategy game, DeFi and DAO community as a means to form an ecological culture in society and adapt a person to the modern conditions of the digital economy.

We are confident that the Games can be socially significant projects that give users not only entertainment and earnings. They involve players in solving global problems, allowing them to make a joint conscious choice for the benefit of themselves, society and nature.

In the future, Subversum will grow into a metaverse that brings together active people with a progressive mind, who share the values of the company and the Web 3.0 approach. Each of our next projects will touch on the current agenda in the economic, environmental, social and scientific fields.

Our Mission

  • 01

    Be a source of change

    The Subversum platform is the first mobile game in the P2E segment, fully dedicated to the current principles of ESG (Environmental Social Governance) for business development. Get useful experience in choosing the best business strategy and environmental culture.

  • 02

    Easy entry into the crypto world

    Platform technologies make entry into the crypto industry accessible to a wide audience of smartphone users.

  • 03

    Warm community

    Becoming a part of the decentralized Subversum community, everyone gets a useful experience in choosing the best business strategy and environmental culture. The player has the right to vote, easy access to cryptocurrency systems and the ability to earn through their own physical and intellectual actions.

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    The success of the player depends on his strategic choices, and not on attracting new user funds to the game and other common application financial schemes.


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Subversum’s Roadmap

  • Q3, 2022

    Team Building

    Concept and Lore

    Game’s Development

    Official Website

    Official YouTube Teaser Video

  • Q4, 2022

    Whitepaper and Tokenomics

    Market Research and Socials

    Game’s Alpha Version

    First Game’s Presentation in Crypto and NFT Exhibitions in Dubai

  • Q1, 2023

    $BW (BetterWorld) Token Launch

    Community Building

    Private pre-sale of lands

    ICO/IDO (DEX Listing)

    Game’s Beta Version

  • Q2, 2023

    NFT Marketplace Integration

    Community Support

    Official Game Launch

    Start of the Second SubVersum Phase

Subversum's Investors and Partners